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Download Advanced System Optimizer 3.1.648.6846 Free / Full Version

Advanced System Optimizer 3.1.648.6951


Let’s face it, registry cleaning is something every computer needs, but we seldom actually do it. For one of the most effective and easiest registry cleaning experiences, may we recommend Advanced System Optimizer. The software package is actually a complete PC Utilities suite with an impressive arsenal of tools for advanced system cleaning and optimization for your entire computer. The registry repair utility alone is quite robust (and probably worth the price of the software in itself), with a robust set of features and tools to effectively clean, defrag, fix, and optimize your registry. As a result, Advanced System Optimizer has received the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award for registry repair software.

Along with the impressive registry repair tools, Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) also comes fully equipped with utilities for additional optimization, tweaking, and security. The suite includes tools to locate and remove excess bloat (junk files, duplicate files, invalid/unwanted registry entries) and potentially dangerous spyware and your internet tracks. You can also recover deleted files or permanently remove unwanted files. Whether you’re dealing with your PC registry, start-up, memory, hard drive or other disks, or just your copy of Windows, Advanced System Optimizer h
as you covered. The utilities suite is truly an all-in-one solution, with a great registry repair solution at the core.

Ease of Use:

Advanced System Optimizer is completely straightforward and easy to use. The navigation is intuitive, with the program being divided up into several categories for individual tasks (Registry Optimizers, Disk Cleaner and Optimizers, Windows Optimizers, Security and Privacy, Backup and Recovery, Regular Maintenance).

The interface is streamlined and consistent throughout the utilities, so even though the specific utility might open in a new window, you’re never lost. The suite does not seem like just a bunch of individual utilities thrown together, but works together as a complete whole (thanks to the unified interface and layout).

With useful icons and simple easy-to-find buttons, Advanced System Optimizer takes several complex PC processes from confusing to (not just manageable, but) simple.

One unique and innovative approach that makes Advanced System Optimizer even easier is the “Smart PC Care” approach. This single-click solution is a great way (especially for beginners) to take care of registry cleaning and defragging (as well as a number of other performance scans) in a single pass. Let Advanced System Optimizer do all the work for you without having to individually configure each scan. After the scan is finished, simply click the ‘Optimize’ button and let ASO take care of all the problems and issues automatically.

Feature Set:

Advanced System Optimizer combines an excellent registry cleaner with an outstanding utilities package. The software suite covers all the bases we were looking for in registry software, including comprehensive registry cleaning, program cleaning, and registry backup tools.

The thorough registry cleaning scan checks the entire registry, locating errors from areas from application paths, file types, fonts, history lists, shared files, shortcuts, software, the start menu and startup section (it’s easy to exclude any of the areas that you don’t want scanned). We weren’t too surprised to find some registry errors slowing down our test computers, but we were certainly impressed at the number of problems it found and removed.

One of the best parts about Advanced System Optimizer is that it automatically creates a partial backup before making any changes, so if for some strange reason you remove a registry item by accident and have a bad outcome, you can completely undo the “clean.” You can individually undo specific changes made to the registry.

The registry defrag tool is also powerful, essentially re-organizing files so that your computer can access them easier, and improving system response time and overall performance.

But Advanced System Optimizer isn’t just about taking care of your registry, the software also has tools to clean and optimize your hard drive, other disks, and memory. The software also has a tool to completely delete files. If you have sensitive data that you need deleted, the Secure Delete utility permanently “shreds” the file/folder.

Overall, the feature set of Advanced System Optimizer is robust and quite complete. But even better than the sheer number of tools and simple usability, they actually work effectively, and will most certainly help you not just remove registry issues, but maintain a healthy PC for optimum performance and speed.

Ease of Installation:

Installing the software is easy and quick. Of course the software contains no adware or spyware (since it helps detect and remove them). can be purchased as a direct download, or you can also order a backup CD. The software follows the traditional installation process (with setup wizard) and will have you up and running in no time.

Perhaps now would be a good place to mention that Advanced System Optimizer includes an advanced uninstall utility that can be used to easily remove unused programs from your computer.

Help & Support:

Though you probably won’t need much additional assistance with the software, there is plenty available. Systweak has a good support section on their webpage, complete with FAQs and a searchable knowledge base. You can submit a specific request online or send a question to their support team via email. They also have a live chat feature available for connecting instantly with a representative online.


Advanced System Optimizer is an excellent registry cleaner, but they don’t forget about safety. Especially when dealing with the “behind-the-scenes” elements of your computer, it’s good to know that you don’t have to worry about making a mistake or permanently damaging your computer. To avoid common mistakes, Advanced System Optimizer takes the guesswork out of the process, and creates partial backups so you can revert to a working state in the event of adverse results.

Additionally, Advanced System Optimizer is designed to help you maintain computer security. Not only does the software locate and delete potentially dangerous identity traces from your internet activity, but it also includes an antispyware component. The spyware element is regularly updated, and while it’s not as robust as a stand-alone antispyware software, it does a pretty good job, and shouldn’t interfere with your other spyware solution (two is better than one).


Overall, Advanced System Optimizer is a high-caliber registry repair suite. With several additional tools and components, it is an excellent value for the price, and well worth looking into. For comprehensive registry repair, optimization and maintenance, ASO is a great way to go. More than just diagnostic and repair, Advanced System Optimizer is a complete PC optimization suite making for one of the best registry repair software available.

ASO includes the following Powerful Tools :

* Smart PC Care (New). One-Click Solution
* Game Optimizer (New). Play games in a disturbance free environment
* Driver Updater (New). Update out dated and required drivers
* System Protector (New). Protection against malware, spyware, trojans
* Disk Tools (New). Check disks at startup
* Backup Manager (New). Backup your important files and documents
* PC Fixer (New). Fix the common problems instantly
* Disk Optimizer (New). Defrag hard disk and for optimized performance
* Undelete (New). Recover accidently deleted data
* Secure Encryptor. Password protect your personal files
* Registry Cleaner. Clean Registry Errors
* Registry Optimizer. Defrag registry for better performance
* System Cleaner. Clean junk data and free up disk space
* Disk Explorer. Displays disk usage by files and folder
* Uninstall Manager. Remove the unneeded programs
* Memory Optimizer. Free unused allocated memory for better utilization
* Privacy Protector. Clean hidden privacy exposing traces
* Secure Delete. Permanently delete private data
* System File Backup & Restore
* System & Security Advisor. Fine tune system settings
* Duplicate Files Remover. Remove duplicate files
* Startup Manager. Remove unneeded programs from startup

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